How to glitter tattoo? - Any way you like it!

1. Glitter Tattoos application using 3 layer stencils

2. Colorini Tattoo using 3 layer stencils

3. Apply a freehand glitter tattoos using the pink body glue.

.Peel off the white backing of the sticker and place on the desired spot on the skin
2.Carefully remove the clear part of the sticker.
3.Thoroughly apply a very thin layer of body-glue.
4.Remove the sticker and wait until the glue becomes completely transparent!
5.When the glue is completely transparent, sprinkle a generous amount of glitter in the desired colors. Clear leftover glitter with a large brush.

Ybody Glitter Tattoos lasts anywhere from 3-7 days assuming no moisturizing cream was applied and it is not touched or scratched.

For external use only. NEVER USE CLOSE TO THE EYES.
Must be used with adult supervision.

How to apply a Ybody glitter tattoo using loose glitter and brush.

How to apply a Ybody glitter tattoo using poof glitter bottles.

How to apply a Ybody Colorini tattoo.