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Henna After-Care Tips

1. The most important thing to have a great henna tattoo is how long you wait to peel off the paste! We recommend 6-12 hours, with a minimum of 2 hours if you absolutely can't wait. The longer the paste sits on your skin, the longer the stain will last and the darker it will be!

2. Keep your henna warm while the paste is on. A warm environment is perfect for making the stain gorgeous and dark. So put on a movie and cuddle up with a heat lamp ;)

3. If you can avoid lots of movement to prevent cracking that'd be best, but we also understand that you have a life to live! One trick is getting a sock to slide over your design once its completely dry. This will allow you to use your hand without the fear of the paste smearing onto something or the paste flaking off all over the place. Be careful when placing the soc on though or you could end up with a smeared design.

4. Use the Art Factory's aftercare sealant for best results. The spray allows the henna to stay slightly moist and this prevents cracking. No cracking means your stain will look better all over.

5. Once you're ready to take the paste off, don't wash it off. Water can cause the stain to bleed all over your skin and create a nice orange glow that no one wants. Scrape or peel it off. We like to use an old piece of card-stock mail or an old credit card to effectively scrape it off into the trash. It will stain cloth like sheets so be careful if you go to sleep with the paste on that it is properly covered by either a sock, paper towel or medical tape. If there are difficult parts of the stain that don't want to come off, use a paper towel and a little essential oil to wipe it off.

6. Henna balm is your friend at this stage! After you've scraped everything off, put some henna balm on that design. The balm will help enhance the stain and elongate the life of your tattoo. (It creates a barrier from water and weather exposure)

Your henna tattoo will look bright orange the first day but after 48 hours the henna will have darkened to a beautiful brown if cared for properly. We hope these tips help everyone have fun with henna!

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