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Henna Lace - By the Art Factory
Henna Lace is a brand new product developed by the Art Factory. FDA compliant, Henna Lace was created to give artists a new take on beautiful henna designs. Packed with bright pigments, our long lasting lace gives henna a new face! Henna Lace allows artists to create henna and mehndi style designs on the the skin that lasts for several days and doesn't wash off. Now, instead of using unsafe methods to get colored henna like using markers, acrylic paint, or black henna, you can have those gorgeous raised lines of henna designs without compromising on safety or style. Once we got started we didn't just stop at white henna! We created four new colors that are perfect for proms, weddings, crazy parties, or just when you want that something extra for your designs. Our product, if cared for properly, can last as long as a week without staining the skin. (Fingertip designs normally lasts 1-2 days)

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