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Glitter Poofers for Easy Glitter Application

We are always looking for ways to make cleanup a little easier because things can get a little messy during the creative process?after all, were artists! Poof bottles or squeeze glitter bottles are used to apply glitter over glitter tattoo glue or over face art design to add the magic touch. Simply squeeze the bottle and point the tip to the desired area for an easy glitter applicator! You can better control the amount of glitter that comes out of the tip by expanding the hole of the bottle with a paper clip or a toothpick.

We always recommend that you try cosmetic glitter poof bottles because of the control they offer and for easy cleanup since they significantly cut down on the glitter mess especially if you work outdoors and have to protect your supply from the elements. This method of applying glitter tattoos is especially recommended when you have young adults using this product.

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Cosmetic glitter and in bulk refill bottle for shimmer tattoos Aqua Rainbow Jewel Body Glitter 1.2 oz
Our Price: $6.00
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sun gold cosmetic  1.25 oz twist top poof bottle for glitter tattoos Gold Rainbow Jewel Body Glitter 1.2 oz
Our Price: $6.00
In Stock