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Cosmetic Body Shimmer and Body Glitter

Not all glitter powders are created equal. As a professional or an individual, you want your glitter makeup to be safe and gentle for the skin. Our body glitter and body shimmer is made from cosmetic grade polyester and does not contain any metal. It is safe to use on the skin. Available in more than 50 shades and several intriguing textures, our glitter selection offers an endless palette of artistic options that are perfect whether you're planning a party or starting a business.

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Cosmetic Glitter Has a Variety of Uses

All of our glitters can be used with foundations, lipsticks, and more, even enabling people to make their own custom glitter eyeshadow for a flashy statement. Some of our creative customers have told us that they like to use our glitters for candles, soaps and more.
Our glitter store is about more than tattoos we aim to provide you with an entire spectrum of tools and supplies that will help you realize your visions, no matter how elaborate. From glitter made for brides to more daring options like UV glitter that gets even flashier under the blacklights of your favorite dance club, we offer glitter for any application. Look through our selection of cosmetic glitter and find the perfect glitter for your goals. We offer free shipping on every order of $100 or more, so place your order today!