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High Quality Rainbow Crystal Body Glitter by the Art Factory!

If you want to add dimension and surprise to your face paint, or just hope to put a little sparkle in your day, The Art Factory has a great selection of professional face paint glitter. The Rainbow Jewels glitter is transparent, which means it shows only when the light plays with it. So turn one way and watch your designs shine, while if you turn the other your face paint design will remain unchanged. Your original face art design will show through our Rainbow Crystal Body glitter, but will sparkle and shine to complement your original design.

Amp Up Your Art with Face Paint Glitter

Art Factory's Rainbow Jewels come in a variety of colors yet all remain translucent. There are even colors that will shine under a black light yet stay translucent in the daytime. Amp up your body art with a layer of our professional face glitter! Don't forget to take advantage of our free shipping on all orders when you check out!

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