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Henna is a traditional body art that has existed in many different cultures around the world where the henna plant was abundant. Today, the challenge of creating intricate henna body designs has been accepted by many body artists everywhere! It is important to use safe products when you to try to create beautiful henna designs. There are many “black henna” products that are toxic and are not safe for use on the skin. Instead we offer natural and organic henna supplies, so you can mix your own henna paste right at home.

Concocting your own paste requires henna powder for skin and a few drops of various essential oils, which will improve the stain longevity of the tattoo. You can easily teach yourself the ancient art of henna by utilizing our cellophane cones for a simple and clean application. If you are looking to buy henna powder or other henna tattoo supplies, you will find different options in a variety of weights right here!

Henna mixing instruction can be found by clicking on the video below.

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